Build Your Trust in Intellicare Clinics

People have a general impression that HMO clinics are not as good as hospitals.

They say the fact that the clinics are not as vastly equipped in terms of facilities as well as medical experts that only a major hospital can offer. This means that their services might not be good enough. Some of them actually say that since the costs are far lesser than those of hospitals, the services might not be at par.

But leading HMO Intellicare is helping make all these change.

Intellicare cardholders have many reasons to be satisfied. For one, opting to go to the clinic puts their worry about high medical costs aside.

Intellicare’s Assistant Medical Director Dr. Gerry Jiao who is in charge of the recruitment of doctors/consultants and setting medical standards, says countless many of Intellicre’s cardholders who have gone to its clinics have actually realized that that it was a better option cost-wise considering that the service and the care the clinic gave them was generally the same major hospitals usually offer. Furthermore, the clinics reduce the hassle of competing for time with a multitude of patients who seek the advise of hospital professionals.