Intellicare’s Service Consistency Nationwide

The consistency in service of HMOs must never vary. If patients get outstanding service in Metro Manila or where an HMO’s business is concentrated, then patients from other parts of the country must get the same deal. In the world of health care, no discrimination or neglect of any form should ever be allowed.

Leading HMO Intellicare is one HMO that strongly adheres to this belief.

HMOs are not entirely business ventures, as Intellicare has been tirelessly pointing out. It’s a business that should actually care, where one must be very keen enough 24/7, no matter the stress caused by irate patients and their families. Health care is a venture that has no room for compromises or excuses.

Unpleasant experiences with HMOs usually come from their lack of consistency in service. This consistency is manifested on two fronts—customer service and their medical facility affiliates.


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